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21st century has entered in the winery

One of the best wineries in the Loire Valley was installed in the Agricultural High School in Montreuil Bellay. The region Pays de Loire, the owner of the buildings funded the investment to build the high-tech winery to reach its educational aims. The 350m2 building has the thermo-regulation system and is equipped with the stainless steel wine tanks  with the total capacity of 1400hl. The didactic centre was built with the investment  of 750 000 euro supplemented with a 165 000 euro loan. ,,The building configuration is so that at a glance , the teacher can see all of the students. It’s important for both the pedagogy and for security’’ claims Christophe Pinard, the head teacher of the High School.

Hot and cold air which are released trough the heat pump which,, obey a finger and an eye’’ of the controlling computer to set a temperature in the heat exchangers that  29 wine tanks are equipped with . This equipment is particularly useful for the color and aroma extraction, but also to improve the tartaric precipitation with the cold air and to conduct properly all of the experiments . The Unit of Wine and Vine Research which has been a part of the school for 30 years already profits from the fruitful partnership. Raul Romarie ,,master of the place’’ drums with fingers, consult the agenda and schedule the activities.  All the data which the person in charge of the farm control on the computer, appear straight away on the huge screen  placed in the centre of the winery  is easily visible for all the students. What is even more interesting, he can stay in touch with central unit, change the parameters and check the action of the operations thanks to the palmtop he is having all the time with him in his pocket. Nothing was left neglected during this modernization process- nor the equipment to harvest the grapes neither the quality. The automatic , self-emptying harvesting (vibrating) bin to supply the grape berries, a lift, a wine- press using… inert gas – the most modern mechanism in the area. But it is not just about the technology, what is even more important is know-how and the motivation of the people like Mr Pinard and Mr Romarie. Montreuil Bellay leaves nothing to chance!

High School Wine Farm in Montreuil Bellay

14ha of the vineyards, white varieties: (chenin: 29%, chardonnay: 9%), red ( cabernet franc- 50%, cabernet sauvignon- 12%). All of the harvest are vinified on the farm maintaining all the procedures to preserve the label French Quality Wines (AOC) and they are sold on the spot in the buttles (64%Saumur Rouge, 12% Saumur Blanc, 15% Saumur Brut, 9% Crement de Loire) which make up about  70 000 bottles per year.

The winery

The winery with the surface of 329m2 contains 7 tanks with the capacity of 100hl, 2 of 80hl, 2 of 65hl, 1 of 50hl, 1of 40hl, 2 of 25hl, and 12 tanks of 15hl. These volumes have theirs professional and experimental aims . The room with the control panel is equipped with the computer and laboratory materials to conduct the analytic researches and the traceability of all the processes of production.

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